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IAS30000R electric potential therapy unit

The IAS30000R is equipped with comprehensive safety features and offers a wide range of treatment options, allowing for personalized treatment according to individual lifestyles.

It addresses various physical discomforts caused by low body temperature, stress, irregular lifestyles, lack of exercise, and other factors. With its advanced functions, you can receive treatment at your preferred time. The IMPREX IAS30000R gently envelops the body with a high-voltage alternating current of up to 14,000Vp, providing a gentle and thorough effect on the entire body, gradually yielding beneficial results.

  • HAPI
  • PSE

I would recommend it to those who are experiencing the following symptoms.


I would recommend it to those who are struggling with headaches.

Symptoms such as severe headache, heaviness in the head, and a feeling of tightness or pressure.


Those suffering from stiff shoulders

Stiff shoulders, arms not going up, neck pain…


Those who suffer from insomnia

I have trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, not sleeping enough…


Those suffering from chronic constipation

I always feel tight in my stomach, I don’t feel refreshed every day…

Full range of safety features

Our products fully comply with the latest JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) regulations, ensuring that the design, materials, and overall construction meet industry-leading standards. From individual components to the entire structure, our products are proudly made in Japan, providing peace of mind and safety throughout.

Extensive menu

With microcomputer control, our device offers four waveform options and five voltage variations, allowing users to select from manual mode, waveform variation mode, voltage variation mode, or full variation mode. This flexibility enables personalized treatments tailored to the individual’s needs.

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