Free trial

We are offering a free trial of our electric potential therapy device.

You can experience the latest electric potential therapy device, the “IAS 30000R,” at any of our 90 nationwide “Genki Stations” (※total number of affiliated company stores).


Genki Station is a shop where people in the community can experience electric potential therapy, including the IAS 30000R. Currently, each store receives 100-300 customers per day. Each store has health advisors available to provide information on health-related matters and answer any questions you may have. Anyone is welcome to experience it for free. Please feel free to visit our store at your convenience.

We will explain it to you in detail.

We aim to provide a welcoming store where many people can experience the IAS 30000R and become familiar with it in the community. Our customers who visit the store have a high interest in their health and well-being, and they possess a wealth of health knowledge. As health advisors, we constantly engage in training and study to deliver reliable information to our customers. We also value communication with our customers and strive to make visiting our store a ‘fun daily routine’ for them. We have honed our sense of humor to ensure a delightful experience!

Free Trial

We would like to share some testimonials from customers who have visited our store and experienced the IAS 30000R.


Mrs. I.O from Ibaraki City, Female, Hankyu Ibaraki Store

I was introduced to “Zutto Genki Station” by an acquaintance four years ago, and at first, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. However, I started attending the sessions, and my health gradually improved. Now, I visit every day.

My body feels lighter overall, and I enjoy playing with my grandchildren more. I’m truly grateful that I encountered “Zutto Genki Station.” I owe my thanks to the person who recommended it to me.

Furthermore, I have made new friends at the sessions and enjoy engaging in various enjoyable conversations during our shared time.


Mr. M.H from Ibaraki City, Hankyu Ibaraki Store

I used to wonder what “Zutto Genki Station” was all about when I saw the sign. One day, I heard from someone that it was good for health, so I decided to give it a try.

I had been suffering from shoulder stiffness, but as I started going there about three to four times a week, I felt a significant improvement. Additionally, I used to get tired easily, but recently, I feel much better. I intend to continue attending the sessions and strive for better health.


Mrs. Y.T from Takatsuki City (Female)

Time flies, and it’s been a year and six months since I started visiting the venue. I may not be aware of my daily health condition, but I received a good evaluation in this year’s annual health examination for the elderly, just like last year, and I’m delighted. Instead of worsening every year, I have been able to maintain my current health status. If I can remain healthy like this for another ten years, I would be very happy.

I am now over 80 years old and haven’t used long-term care insurance or health insurance at all. I hope that everyone who comes to the venue can become healthier and avoid relying on hospital care, thus contributing to the improvement of the insurance deficit. Thanks to attending the sessions, I would love for people around me to see how energetic I am.


Mr./Ms. A.T

Since a young age, I have had severe cold feet, and even in summer, I had to wear socks to bed because my feet would get cold at night. One day, a colleague at work suggested, “Why don’t you try going to this place? It’s good.” So, I started going there every day, and I received various teachings about health. Before I knew it, I didn’t feel the coldness in my feet as much. Even the roughness on my heels gradually became smoother.

Above all, meeting everyone who attends the sessions has been the most effective stress reliever for me. Meeting such wonderful people has become the best medicine for me!

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