“Magokoro Support Service” for Seniors, providing assistance for their small concerns, launches in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Impression Inc., a company engaged in the development and sales of medical devices (located in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, CEO: Yuichi Kojima), will be launching a new service called “MagoKoro Support” starting from May 2nd (Monday), aimed at assisting the senior population with their “little troubles.”


Seniors living at home often encounter daily “troubles” or inconveniences. These may include tasks like changing light bulbs, moving furniture, or replacing screens and sliding doors. However, they may lack someone reliable to rely on or feel hesitant to ask for help, thinking it would be a burden. In the past, there have been cases where individuals considering moving to a facility due to anxiety about living alone discovered “MagoKoro Support” and, reassured by having someone dependable nearby, continued living in their own homes for four years. There was also a case of a couple living together where the husband had a fall, and in a state of panic, they didn’t think of calling an ambulance. They reached out to “MagoKoro Support” requesting assistance in helping the husband. Furthermore, “MagoKoro Support” receives numerous inquiries not only from seniors themselves but also from children living far away who constantly worry about their parents but cannot visit them frequently due to work commitments. It is a support service that brings peace of mind to families who can rely on it.

What is “MagoKoro Support”?

“MagoKoro Support” is a life support service that aims to solve the “little troubles” and “uncertainty about whom to consult” faced by seniors. It offers assistance at a rate of 500 yen for 20 minutes. Each user is assigned a dedicated concierge who can help with various tasks, ranging from simple ones like “gardening maintenance,” “changing light bulbs,” and “minor furniture rearrangement” to providing referrals and arrangements for house cleaning and remodeling services. Currently, “MagoKoro Support” operates in over 130 locations nationwide and resolves over 10,000 requests per month. As part of the regional revitalization initiatives already undertaken by Impression Corporation, we are introducing “MagoKoro Support” to support individuals in the community in leading healthy, enjoyable, and worry-free lives.

Services Provided by MagoKoro Support
Light bulb replacement: Assisting individuals with mobility issues who find it difficult to reach high places.
Air conditioner cleaning: Disassembling covers and performing high-pressure cleaning of the internal aluminum fins.
Shopping assistance: Accompanying individuals who don’t own a car or have difficulty purchasing heavy items such as rice and water.
Bath and bathroom cleaning: Using professional techniques and specialized detergents and equipment to remove stubborn mold and scale.
Grave cleaning: Cleaning of graves.
Curtain installation: Installing curtains.
Garbage disposal: Acting as a substitute for individuals who are unable to transport their garbage to the disposal area.
Toilet cleaning: Using professional techniques and specialized detergents and equipment to remove urine stains and scale.
PC-related tasks: Providing assistance with PC connections and settings.
Range hood cleaning: Using professional techniques and specialized detergents and equipment to remove stubborn grease stains.
Interior cleaning: Cleaning the inside of the home.
Furniture assembly and moving: Assembly and relocation of furniture.
Household chores: Assisting with general household tasks.
Ventilation fan cleaning: Light tasks involving cleaning ventilation fans.
High-pressure washing: Using high-pressure washers to clean specified areas.
Heavy item moving: Moving heavy items within the household.
Shoji paper replacement: Replacing shoji paper screens.
Plumbing repairs: Addressing water leakage issues, faucet replacements, parts replacements, etc.
Window cleaning: Light tasks involving cleaning windows.
Weed removal and lawn mowing: Light tasks involving weed removal and lawn mowing.
Kitchen cleaning: Using professional techniques and specialized detergents and equipment to remove stubborn oil stains and scale.
Fertilizer and weed killer application: Applying fertilizer and weed killer.
Screen replacement: Replacing window screens.
Tree pruning: Pruning trees.
Leaf removal: Cleaning up fallen leaves in the garden.
Appraisal support: Hosting appraisal events using remote appraisal systems or providing on-site appraisal support.
End-of-life support: Assisting with pre-planning, inheritance matters, and funeral reservations.

Shopping assistance
Weed removal
Light bulb replacement

For inquiries related to these services, please contact:
MagoKoro Support, Ias Ashiya Store
Contact: Mr. Tanaka
TEL: +81-797-91-2647
FAX: +81-797-91-2648
Mail: ashiya.magokoro.imp@gmail.com

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