Nationwide release of “umo Concentrated Solution AI Germ”.

We are pleased to announce that Impressions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, CEO: Yuichi Kojima, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) launched the nationwide release of a health food product called “umo Concentrated Solution ai-Germa” in October 2019. This product allows for easy mineral supplementation by simply adding a few drops to your regular beverage.

[Background of Product Development]

Currently, the importance of safety is being emphasized in the health food market. In order to achieve further effectiveness with our previous product, AiGold, we utilized our accumulated expertise and added organic germanium compound “Asai-Germa” to a water-soluble silicon base. While the previous AiGold product contained pure gold, the newly developed Ai-Germa has undergone 11 different safety tests to ensure its safety and provide enhanced benefits for the users.

[water-soluble silicon and]

Silicon is actually the second most abundant element on earth, and is a mineral that plays an important role in generating the body. Minerals make up only 3% of the human body. However, although it is only 3%, its existence is large, and it is said that life activities cannot be maintained normally if minerals are lost.
Silicon, the main component of “umo concentrated solution ai germanium”, is an essential component that binds cells that make up the human body, such as hair, nails, skin, bones, joints, and blood vessels, and is also called a mineral for health and beauty. increase.
In addition, “Germanium”, which is said to have the effect of adjusting the ion balance, is added. The “Asaigermanium” used is the only water-soluble organogermanium compound that has been confirmed to be safe and useful. Over many years, various basic and clinical studies have confirmed its high safety and various usefulness.

[Usage Instructions]

For Drinking: Add approximately 10 drops of “ai-Germa” to a glass of water (about 200ml) and consume several times a day. You can also add it to tea, coffee, miso soup, or dishes such as simmered vegetables.
For Rice: When rinsing the rice, give a quick squeeze of “ai-Germa”. After rinsing, add a quick squeeze of ai-Germa when cooking the rice. This will result in delicious, shiny rice even when it cools down.
For Cleaning Vegetables and Fruits: Soak fruits or vegetables in water containing “ai-Germa” for about 20 minutes. This helps preserve their freshness and flavor. The recommended ratio is approximately 20ml of ai-Germa per 1 liter of water.
For Kitchen Waste: Dilute “ai-Germa” with water and spray it on kitchen waste. The excellent ingredients help control odors and suppress the growth of bacteria. The recommended ratio is approximately 10ml of ai-Germa per 1 liter of water.
※ Note: “umo Concentrated Solution ai-Germa” contains approximately 0.4ml per 10 drops.

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