we began the sales of our new product, “umo Concentrated Solution – ai Germanium.”

Easily replenish the essential mineral for health and beauty, “silicon.”

The proportion of minerals in the human body is a mere 3%. However, despite this small percentage, their presence is significant, as the loss of minerals can disrupt normal bodily functions.

“Umo Concentrated Solution – AI Gelma” is a convenient health supplement that allows you to easily replenish minerals by adding a few drops to your everyday beverage.

The main component of “Umo Concentrated Solution – AI Gelma” is silicon, which is an essential element that connects cells in the human body, including hair, nails, skin, bones, joints, and blood vessels. It is often referred to as a mineral for both health and beauty.

Additionally, we have incorporated “germanium,” which is said to have the function of balancing the bioelectric current (electrons) flowing within our bodies. The “Acai Germanium” used in our product is the only water-soluble organic germanium compound that has been confirmed to be safe and effective. It has undergone extensive basic and clinical trials over many years, confirming its high safety and various benefits.

Aside from adding “Umo Concentrated Solution – AI Gelma” to beverages, it can also be used in various everyday situations such as washing vegetables and fruits, cooking, and deodorizing kitchen waste.

“Umo Concentrated Solution – AI Gelma” is approved by the Japan Silicon Medical Science Association.

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