we introduced a new medical device.

We will introduce and implement the following initiatives in our company’s nationwide stores and orthopedic clinics:

Implementation of “Brain Activity Balancer”
The Brain Activity Balancer quantifies five cognitive functions: perception, attention, memory, planning, and spatial recognition, enabling the visualization of cognitive functions. Measurement results are presented using radar charts and trend graphs, allowing for easy monitoring of changes in cognitive function over time.
Website: https://tbcare.jp/

Implementation of “Trunk Solution”
Trunk Solution® is a core training device that, when worn, elongates the trunk, tilts the pelvis forward, and activates the inner muscles without relying on active motor functions. It maintains a beautiful posture for the wearer. It promotes core function activity, leading to improved physical and motor capabilities.
Website: https://trunk-sol.co.jp/

Introduction of “Posture Checker”
The Posture Checker allows for easy measurement of body misalignment using a compact camera (Kinect) and a computer. It identifies current body misalignments, potential areas at risk of injury, and predicts future body shapes. It automatically suggests effective exercises for improvement.
Website: https://www.kogasoftware.com/yugami-checker/

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